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Progressive's Network of Empowered Women and HER Ideas in Motion Host NEW Takes Your Daughter to IT

For Immediate Release May 7, 2014


MAYFIELD VILLAGE – Progressive Insurance’s Network of Empowered Women (NEW) and HER Ideas in Motion announce today an innovative new program at Progressive, NEW Takes Your Daughter to IT. The program will use the HER Ideas in Motion model to introduce middle-school aged daughters of Progressive Insurance employees to computer programming and high tech jobs of today and tomorrow.

“NEW Takes Your Daughter to IT is a program developed with volunteers from Progressive IT, business leaders and experts from HER Ideas in Motion,” said Shari Hansen, Chair of Progressive’s Network of Empowered Women. “It was created with the understanding that girls are more likely to opt out of technology careers due to lack of role models and context for technology education.”

Forty girls spent the day at the Progressive campus in Mayfield Village. The full-day of hands-on IT activities included mobile design and programming, gaming technology, and tech career insights. In addition to representatives from NEW, Progressive IT, and HER Ideas in Motion, attendees included management from across Progressive.

“I came for the food, but I stayed for the code,” remarked Katsuri Thonangi, an 8th grader from Mayfield Middle School. Madison Lin, a 7th grader at Hudson Middle School added, “It’s fun. You’re making an app that’s a game. Everybody loves games.” After programming and playing with their computer games, the girls broke into small groups to share lunch with ten leaders from across Progressive.

“This represents an exciting step forward in the effort to introduce girls to computer science education early and set girls up for the jobs of tomorrow,” said HER Ideas in Motion Founder Rachel Wilkins Patel. “What we’re teaching girls today is a testament to the fact that we can build partnerships to change the trends, not leave girls behind, and all play a role in moving the high tech industry forward.”

The day wrapped up with a student showcase and volunteer-led activities that included a tour of Progressive art by women artists, dissection of a laptop computer, and a visit to Progressive’s Flo room, a creative brainstorming space.

HER Ideas in Motion, a 501(c) nonprofit, launched in 2011 providing hands-on skills and role models for girls in technology fields. NEW Takes Your Daughter to IT will enable the HER Ideas in Motion program to further its mission of helping girls achieve in technology.

For more information on this event or the organizations involved, contact Rachel Wilkins Patel at (330) 552-8308 or