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The Future of Health and Data By Nicole Galek

Nicole Galek
Nicole Galek

Nicole Galek will be leading HER Ideas in Code at the Cuyahoga County Public Library in Solon and Bay Village. These workshops offer hands-on project-based activities where girls make their own technology in Health IT and Data Analytics while learning from trained technical leaders. Nicole first got involved with HER Ideas in Motion during their early years and was inspired to contribute. “I thought it was a great idea and much needed to show young women some different career paths to explore”, said Nicole.

Nicole has been creating websites for over 7 years now and believes the best way to learn about coding and building websites is through experimentation. When asked what advice she would give to girls who are interested in this field, she responded, “Explore on your own. The best way to learn coding is by trial and error”.

Nicole is currently Creative Technologist for Recess Creative in downtown Cleveland. She helps bring their visions to life by converting them into fully interactive desktop and mobile websites. Nicole hobbies outside her work and volunteer efforts are horseback riding where she competes nationally.

Join Nicole and the leaders of HER Ideas in Motion to inspire young girls by showcasing emerging 21st century technology careers.

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Leslie Marcuse, Member of the Marketing Committee for Her Ideas in Motion and Sales Support for Asia-Pacific region at Hyland Software