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Programmer Charlotte Chang Teaches Girls Robotics

Charlotte Chang
Charlotte Chang

Programmer Charlotte Chang leads HER Ideas in Robotics for middle school girls interested in exploring the world of artificial intelligence. This workshop offers hands-on learning for girls to make their own technology while learning from professional technical leaders. Students will design and code their own lovable canine-themed robot dog.

Charlotte, a software developer at LeanDog, talks to us about what inspires her in tech and how she got into the industry. "Growing up... I wanted to rotate my job. Each day I wanted to learn something new and different. The example I used to give was: Monday Librarian, Tuesday Fireman, Wednesday Teacher, Etc."

As a community leader in technology for LeanDog, Charlotte works regularly with other software developers on agile software methodologies. Her hobbies include dog-assisted therapy and ultimate frisbee where she competes internationally. Charlotte shares her background in tech and what inspires her to work with others.

"I recently changed my job to be a programmer. In order to do this, I went to a bootcamp to learn to code. On the morning of the first day the instructors had us using git from the command line. It’s not a friendly UI and I felt really stupid. It was a good life lesson. Every day, programming pushes me outside my level of comfort. Not knowing how to do something is terrifying. (After all, I’m an adult and adults are supposed to know everything, right?) But the skill of being able to handle not knowing how to do something and learning how to do it is probably the most valuable skill in life and I do it everyday."

Why does she mentor with HER Ideas in Motion? “I want girls and young women to see that there are females in underrepresented fields. I hope the girls realize that there are women doing robotics, engineering, programming, and film and that they can too!”

Join Charlotte and the tech leaders at HER Ideas in Motion inspire girls in 21st century technology careers.

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