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IT Manager Carrie Gedeon

Carrie Gedeon
Carrie Gedeon

Carrie Gedeon is an IT Manager for Progressive Insurance. In addition to her daily duties, she is also responsible for facilitating employee technical and professional development. But her role as mentor goes beyond her nine to five through her work with HER Ideas in Motion. "I have always been a feminist and as I continue to work in IT, it makes me frustrated that more women are not getting in the field. I want to help change that", she states. This May, Carrie will be leading the HER Ideas in Motion Tech Club at Fairport Harbor School.

The HER Ideas in Motion Tech Clubs are in-school coding programs for young girls in 5th & 6th grade. Mentors in a technical field provide classroom instruction on coding basics, which are not offered in the traditional curriculum. During the month of May, Fairport Harbor School will host the Tech Club for 3 consecutive Fridays on the 6th, 13th, & 20th.

Carrie explained what motivated her to invest her time volunteering with HER Ideas in Motion. "When I go to the college career fairs to recruit talent, I want to see some women at our table. I think that women can have a diverse and exciting career in IT, and I want them to be engaged. I think the best way to do that is to be involved with HER Ideas in Motion and show girls that they can contribute to technical solutions, use their creativity, problem solving skills, and their strong communications. Plus it’s a great and fun experience for girls today."

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Leslie Marcuse, Member of the Marketing Committee for Her Ideas in Motion and Sales Support for Asia-Pacific region at Hyland Software